About Us

About MD5

Founded in 2003, MD5 Ltd, the creators of VFC, are a UK leading provider of Digital Forensic & eDiscovery services to large multi-national corporate businesses, high profile legal firms, law enforcement and government agencies.

MD5’s forensic laboratory continues to investigate the business world’s ever-changing digital environment, therefore, allowing our experts to discover reliable evidence from the investigation of computers, mobile phones, cloud data and internet activity.


Our Services

MD5 aim to provide a service that is thorough and affordable. Our team of dedicated experts will work with you, whatever the job, to establish the facts from digital media. Our extensive range of services includes the following:

•    Computer Forensics
•    Mobile Phone Forensics
•    Social Media Forensics
•    eDisclosure (eDiscovery)
•    eForensics
•    On Site Search and Seizure
•    Registered Expert Witness
•    Forensic software (including VFC)


Why Us?

MD5 expertise lies in the ability to recover data from a wide range of primary storage devices, interpret complex data and then present the evidence in a clear format to establish legal facts for court or attending as expert witnesses. As a result, this allows us to provide expert Digital Forensic Services tailored to the needs of our clientele.


eDisclosure\eForensic Investigations

A digital forensic investigation often identifies a large volume of suspect documents and emails from multiple devices. MD5’s eForensics approach combines our expertise in digital forensics, data analytics and electronic review tools, so our commercial clients, or law enforcement or government agencies can recover evidence from a mountain of data in significantly shorter time scales and cost effectively.

eDisclosure service provides our clients with proportionate, defensible outcomes for everyday as well as complex commercial cases. Our experienced eDisclosure team helps our clients to meet the challenge of the increasing volumes of data stored in computers, mobile phones, and the Cloud.
We advise on cost-effective eDisclosure strategies to identify evidence with minimum disruption to the business. As a Result, our advanced data analytics software eliminates unnecessary data and identifies the relevant documents to considerably reduce the volume of documents going forward to review in a cost effective manner.

Reviewers with little experience of eDisclosure find our online review platform intuitive and easy to use. State of the art technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding technologies provide the power to deal with high volumes of documents.

MD5 ISO 17025 Accredited for View Here

MD5 are an approved Supplier to Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreement RM6336 for End-to-End eDisclosure Services.

Registered as an approved supplier for G-Cloud13


Data Safeguarding

Our clients have peace of mind when conducting an eForensics investigation or eDisclosure exercise. MD5 place the highest priority on cyber and data security. ISO 27001 certification for Data Security and Cyber Essentials Plus ensure that our cyber security systems have been tested to the highest standards by an external certifying body to verify:

•    Boundary firewalls and internet gateways
•    Secure configuration
•    Access control
•    Malware protection
•    Patch management

All employees have Security Clearance (SC). They have experience in dealing with sensitive cases and undergo expert witness training for court attendance.
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