1. The increased use of cryptocurrencies amongst private users and some businesses has opened another investigation problem for digital forensic practitioners. Using VFC I was able to virtualise a workstation with cryptocurrency data. This had not been decoded by the forensic tools. Using the virtualised program I was able to open the application and access the stored transaction history. This was then exported to CSV via the software and reviewed on my forensic system.
  2. A customer was faced with a tedious task of having to test the vulnerability and structure of an OS on  a suspects laptop.

With the help of VFC, our customer was able to successfully test and assess the vulnerability with 'amazing results'! On top of that, they were also able to create a standalone VM and take it to court to show everyone first hand what they found. The sandbox environment that is a virtual machine, coupled together with the power of VFC, has pushed this case over the line.

  1. Virtual machines are an amazing resource to have when portraying evidence to a different team, department, or in court.

VFC has been used successfully by end users in investigations (for eg. Missing Persons; child exploitation; Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking; People smuggling; Cybersecurity; counterterrorism) to:

Identify evidence by experienced investigators but without the digital forensic background or training, and in turn are able by using a VM to present this evidence in a manner to a layperson(s) to get a successful conviction or result.