I am proud to announce the launch of VFC Premium. The team at MD5 have worked tirelessly to get this version of VFC ready.

We can now offer our customers three versions of VFC.

VFC Standard – Still offers the end users all the power and versatility it always has, enabling investigators to virtualise devices forensically enhancing their ability to analyse a device, standalone VM’s allow other teams members to review data; access software and databases seamlessly; it has regularly been used for interviews or at court.

VFC Triage – Has all the power of the standard version but with an enhanced triage data feature again enabling a team to quickly prioritise devices for eg. last used; who has had access to a device; software installed etc. information that can prove invaluable and can save an organisation both time and money!

VFC Premium – In the field have you ever asked “Wouldn’t it be nice to switch the device on and have a quick look around”


VFC Premium combines all the standard and triage features plus enables an investigator to take this into the field via a portable USB device. This allows an investigator on site to forensically produce a virtual machine of the on-scene device and carry out immediately analysis and investigations at the premises.

As the Managing Director at MD5 Limited I can only emphasise how much VFC has moved on particularly over the last 5 years it is unrecognisable, do not miss out on adding this software to your digital forensic go to tools, it is becoming a must for all Digital\Cyber Forensic Analysts, contact our team to arrange a demo either onsite or webinar at