VFC Portable takes virtualisation to the next level.

VFC portable is designed to use the existing hardware – on scene, in the lab, and just about anywhere required.

The functionality of VFC portable is the exact same as VFC Lab, with a couple of added features that enables VFC to be used in a portable environment.

Write blocking behaviour – VFC Portable allows you to disable automatic disk online, SSD and Windows Dynamic Disks. This feature can be found in the settings/tools tab in VFC. (portable addition only). Drives will be read only.

VFC triage – being able to quickly triage a computer device on scene is vital. When conducting on scene triage, you want to be in and out as quickly as possible, while collecting sufficient evidence to warrant bring the device back to the lab. VFC triage allows you quick and safe access to the device, not only to perform a VFC Triage analysis, but to also look around the virtual machine, allowing you to easily view what is on the device, just like the original user.

Password bypass and GPR – in order to gain quick access to the desktop and everything that encompasses this, you will need to be able to quickly remove the user account password. VFC can do this within seconds, without needing the user to provide the password.

Inject files – This feature allows you to lets you inject files into a VM while VFC creates the VM. This can be anything to aid with the analysis. For example, you could inject analysis tools to do a ‘live’ look at the device on scene, risk free.   

We realise that not one organisation or entity is the same when it comes to who triages devices and how devices are triaged. That’s why it is important to have a simple tool that allows someone to look at evidence in a simple format is crucial.