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NOW AVAILABLE in two formats


Gives a new dynamic to the way an investigator works on an investigation VFC Lab puts the investigator “in the room” with

the original user, providing invaluable access to software and data that cannot be easily found with a typical examination.

The investigator can find evidence in its easiest format, just like the original user. Each device that is examined is different, and

therefore, having quick and easy access to the original is invaluable.


VFC Portable

VFC Portable takes virtualisation to the next level. Have you ever asked the question “Wouldn’t it make life easier if you could switch the original device on” while onsite? Now you can with V7.

VFC Portable is designed to use the existing hardware – on scene, in the lab, and just about anywhere required. You are able to configure your Portable Device to contain your favourite toolbox of (eg. Imaging, Memory Capture\Analysis) software.


Version 7 New Features

It features a streamlined workflow making it simpler to progress from forensic image to virtual machine but still allows the experienced user to perform a detailed exploration of the mounted image.


V7 now supports non-bootable single volume images.

These are images that contain a complete file system but lack components removed found in a whole disk image. VFC V7 can now emulate seamlessly the missing components and allow such images to be converted to a bootable virtual machine.


This is particularly useful for images that were captured as a single volume or where an image has been converted from another volume based format such as a device that is TPM encrypted, “BitLocker” and “VeraCrypt” encrypted, or any supported image format that can be converted in this way.

Inject files

This very powerful feature allows you to inject third party analysis software into a VM while VFC is generating it. Whether you are a Cyber Forensic; Digital Forensic; Incident Response Investigator you will have your favourite suite of tools to aid and carry out analysis of a device in your enquiries, using this feature you can use the generated VM to get the answers more efficiently and effectively in the field or in the lab.

Access computers configured with S-Mode

Windows S Mode is primarily used in specific environments where a more locked-down and controlled computing experience is desired. Here are some of the common scenarios where Windows S Mode is used:

• Education Sector

• Enterprise and Business Environments

• Devices for General Consumers


VFC Triage

Being able to quickly triage a computer device on scene or in the Lab can prove vital prioritising items can save time and an organisation money. When conducting on scene triage, you want to be in and out as quickly as possible, while collecting sufficient evidence to warrant bringing the device back to the lab or even decide it does not meet the case parameters. VFC Triage allows you quick and safe access to the device, within 30 seconds of selecting the partition, you will be able to view the VFC Triage log


17 years of R&D has delivered the following sample of standard features:

• Easy to use

• Its multiple offerings of bypassing passwords

• Creating Standalone VM’s   


Version 7 the perfect foil for the following Sectors:

• Cyber & Incident Response Investigators – looking for various artifacts to identify potential security incidents or breaches

• Digital Forensic Investigators – from capture to presenting evidence in a civil or criminal court


V7 needs to be added to their Toolkits for more information visit www.vfc.uk.com or contact Lindsey or Tom on +44 (0)1924 220999 at MD5 Ltd creators of VFC.