Involves the recovery & investigation of digital evidence. Used to uncover, analyse & preserve digital information. Crucial for internal, legal, criminal, or civil investigations


Incident Response

Helps manage & mitigate security incidents Identify breaches, cyber attacks, and other security breaches Minimise impact of incident, contain and eradicate the threat

Cyber Security

Known as information security or computer security Prevents theft, damage, or unauthorised access Ensures data confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity


Policies & procedures are ACPO & ISO 27001 compliant and we are ISO 17025 Accredited 9359 Schedule of ISO 17025 Accreditation (Click to view).

MD5 eDisclosure Service complies with the Requirements of The Cyber Essential Plus Scheme.

We are an Approved Supplier to the Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreement G-Cloud-13

Vfc Lab

VFC Lab ndash VFC gives a new dynamic to the way an investigator works on an investigation VFC Lab puts the investigator ldquo in the room rdquo with the suspect providing invaluable access to software and data that cannot be easily found with a typical ldquo dead box rdquo examination The investigator can now find evidence in its easiest format just like the original user Each device that is examined is different and therefore having quick and easy access to the original is second to none VFC has many features which make it one of the most powerful tools that

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VFC Portable takes virtualisation to the next level VFC portable is designed to use the existing hardware ndash on scene in the lab and just about anywhere required The functionality of VFC portable is the exact same as VFC Lab with a couple of added features that enables VFC to be used in a portable environment Write blocking behaviour ndash VFC Portable allows you to disable automatic disk online SSD and Windows Dynamic Disks This feature can be found in the settings tools tab in VFC portable addition only Drives will be read only VFC triage ndash being able to

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View the digital crime scene in seconds

“The product is getting better by the day and is one of our main tools – a picture paints a thousand words as they say – very powerful in court…” Mark Boast, Forensic Analyst, Suffolk Constabulary, UK

Launched in 2007, VFC is the leading virtualisation solution for the forensic investigator. VFC is used to create a virtual copy (VM) of a suspect computer:

  • Fast – VFC typically takes just a couple of minutes to produce a bootable VM

  • Safe – VFC is forensically safe and doesn’t modify original evidential data

  • Flexible – VFC supports common forensic image formats and write-blocked physical disks

  • Reliable - Based on over 15 years of research, contains support for numerous operating system and machine configurations and can produce a usable VM in > 95% of cases

  • Capable – VFC includes a built-in image mount tool and can bypass most Windows account passwords in seconds


VFC removes the guesswork from virtualisation and allows the investigator to concentrate on the investigation. It lets the investigator to quickly experience the computer environment just like the original user. This puts the investigator “in the room” with the suspect, providing invaluable access to software and data that cannot be easily found with a typical “dead box” examination.

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